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Signed First Editions Club

May 11, 2018

I am sorry to announce that we will be discontinuing our signed first edition clubs following the August shipments (we will fulfill all prepaid gift subscriptions until their expiration date). Since we started them almost three years ago, the first editions clubs have been a labor of love for us. Unfortunately, they have become financially unsustainable. 

Mamie Potter and Carol Moyer have done an amazing job of getting outstanding literature by both prominent and debut authors. Mamie has shepherded each book through the process of getting it signed and to you in pristine condition. While we never expected to make money on the clubs, the amount of time we've had to spend to get the quality we want has grown disproportionately, especially the time spent dealing with books received in less than excellent condition.

We so much appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm, and we want to continue to offer you signed editions. Please check our Signed Books page often to see what we have available or anticipate getting. We list newly received signed copies in our weekly newsletters, QuailMail and QuailKids, and if you don't already receive them you can sign up for them here. You are welcome to call the store at (919)828-1588 and have one of the staff members check to make sure a book is a signed first edition. Find our previous selections here

I do want to express my appreciation for Mamie's dedication to the clubs. As a writer herself and a lifelong lover of literature, she was the perfect person to take on this project and has done an exceptional job. We also appreciate you, our passionate readers, lovers of good literature, and cherishers of books as beautiful and important objects.

Thank you for being a part of our Quail Ridge Books reading community.

With warm regards,
Sarah Goddin
Store Manager
Quail Ridge Books