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Readers' Club (And Other Discounts)

Our Readers’ Club, at a low cost of $15 per year per household, offers discounts and other special privileges.

Membership in our Readers' Club gives you a 30% discount on current New York Times hardcover best-sellers, and 10% discount every day on most books, CDs, magazines and gift items (newspapers and a few clearly-marked specialty books are not eligible for a discount.)

Membership is FREE to educators (pre-K through 12th grade) and seniors 60 and over; otherwise the cost is $15 per year. The discount applies to everyone in your household and to your online orders as well.

Readers' Club Sales - exclusive sales for Reader's Club members are held twice a year (spring and fall) for four days each. Members receive a 20% discount on most books and gift items; 15% on CDs

Teacher Discounts - on most books to be used in the classroom the discount is 21%.

Business Discounts - businesses receive a 21% discount on most books for their business.

Book Club Discounts - book clubs (of any size) that order their books in bulk and pick them up in one transaction receive a 21% discount on most books.

Quantity Discounts - anyone, individual or business, buying more than 19 copies of most titles receives a 21% discount on that title.

Our free shipping over $50 does not apply to school or business orders.

Purchase a Readers' Club membership for yourself or a friend.  Our low fee is only $15/year/household. 

Memberships are free to those 60 years old and over, and to pre-K through grade 12 teachers.