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Teen Advisory Board

What happens when you get a bunch of book-loving teens together? A LOT, if it's the QRB Teen Advisory Board!  The group has been busy reviewing books and posting on their Instagram and meeting authors (like Joelle Charbonneau and Marissa Meyer).

Apply here to join TAB.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780525577966
Availability: Hard to find: allow 24 hours for information
Published: Ember - October 8th, 2019

The Serpent King is a touching novel, set in the deep south, that embraces the idea of never-ending friendship and courage. Dillard, the main character, has to learn to accept himself in a community where his own father is held at the county jail. The vipers in this book are more figurative than literal, as Dill goes through his senior year of high school. I loved this book. Although depressing at parts, the feel-good aspects of the story made it worth the read. -Sydney