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Malone's New Literary Map of N.C.

SKU: 0962166812

Dimensions: 16 13/16" x 40"

Paper: Printed on 80 pound, gloss enamel text

Comes rolled up in a plastic sleeve, 17" long

Literary Lantern Press is pleased to announce a 2nd, revised printing of this iconic map, first issued in 1990. Before going out of print, it sold over 5,000 copies, primarily through independent book stores, museum shops, and print shops. While retaining the basic look of the original, the reprinting adds over 30 new authors, updates biographical information and literary awards, and inserts a number of pieces of new artwork. It continues to be the only full-scale literary map available for the state of North Carolina. This hand-colored map shows the boundaries of all 100 of North Carolina’s counties and locates writers either in the counties in which they were born, the places they spent most of their careers, or significant locales with which their writing is associated. Also included are writers from outside North Carolina who have authored important books with settings in the state, as well as some writers who spent a portion of their careers in North Carolina but were born elsewhere or later moved elsewhere. Nothing is computer generated on this map. Aware that the literary "map" of North Carolina is constantly changing, we welcome readers' suggestions for additions to future revisions.

Price: $25.00

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