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The Great NC BBQ Map

SKU: 9780996746649

450+ BBQ RESTAURANTS, shacks & roadside eateries
40+ BBQ FESTIVALS & cook-offs

The most comprehensive guide to the original barbecue state for NC natives, transplants & visitors, alike. Keep the map in your glove box for grabbing a weekday lunch, finding a perfect road trip meal, or planning an entire pork-centric tour. Map symbols tell you if the BBQ is: 

  • whole-hog or shoulder

  • cooked with wood-only, gas/electric only, or a combo of both

  • sauced Eastern-style, Piedmont/Lexington-style, or other


  • the state of NC with its 450+ BBQ restaurants categorized by symbol
  • historical BBQ timeline
  • BBQ proclamation


  • restaurant listings: addresses, phone numbers, hours
  • restaurant icons: take-out only, cash-only, buffet
  • 42 BBQ festivals & cook-offs
  • Eastern vs. Piedmont BBQ side-by-side comparison



  • 2nd edition

  • 4" x 9" folded | 40" x 27" unfolded

  • NC-Made: conceptualized in Charlotte, designed in Raleigh, printed in Burlington

Price: $9.99