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Picture Books

We see hundreds of new picture books every year.  Here are some of our favorites, including some classics!  For our younger readers, the artwork is so important in making a book into a permanent friend.

100 First Words for Little Geeks Cover Image
By Brooke Jorden, Kyle Kershner (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781945547959
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Familius - May 2018

This is the book every geeky millennial parent needs for their new baby. Teach your baby everything from “exterminate” and “ocarina” to “cosplay” and “entropy”. A great baby shower gift! --Amber

Star Wars Are You Scared, Darth Vader? Cover Image
By Adam Rex, Adam Rex (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781484704974
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Disney Lucasfilm Press - July 3rd, 2018

love children's books that make me laugh, and Are You Scared, Darth Vader? definitely did the trick. One can always count on Adam Rex for a quality picture book to share with kids that they'll adore, and that parents won't be bored by when they have to read it every night for a month or more. This book shows that even a big scary villain can get scared too. --Amber

Hello Lighthouse Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316362382
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - April 10th, 2018

Lavish isn't a word we throw around lightly, but wow! A timeless book of nautical splendor that  is as imaginative and informative as it is beautiful. A real heart squeezer! Great gift for anyone who loves the sea! For 4+. -MICHELLE

I Am the Boss of This Chair Cover Image
By Carolyn Crimi, Marisa Morea (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781454923220
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Sterling Children's Books - March 6th, 2018

Oswald Minklehoff Honey Bunny III has to learn to accept Pom Pom, the latest addition to the family who keeps taking all his stuff, even though he's the boss of the house! I Am the Boss of This Chair by Carolyn Crimi is an adorable kitty story that also teaches a lesson about sharing, as well as getting a new sibling. --Amber

Drawn Together Cover Image
By Minh Lê, Dan Santat (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781484767603
Availability: Available from warehouse in 1-5 business days
Published: Disney-Hyperion - June 5th, 2018

Dan Santat's illustrations in Drawn Together are astounding as he takes two very different art styles and seamlessly blends them together. It balances Minh Le's touching story perfectly, as a boy and his grandfather overcome a language barrier and bond over their love of art and telling stories through images. --Amber

Albert's Tree Cover Image
By Jenni Desmond, Jenni Desmond (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763696887
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Candlewick - April 10th, 2018

Albert cannot wait to get back to his beloved tree upon waking from his long winter nap. The tree appears not to return his affection. Indeed, the tree appears to be crying – more like wailing,  really. What's to be done? A charming story of unexpected friendship. Delightful! For 3+. -Abbe

We Don't Eat Our Classmates Cover Image
By Ryan T. Higgins, Ryan T. Higgins (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781368003551
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Disney-Hyperion - June 19th, 2018

Perfect for: First day of school; read-aloud story time; learning to be nice to others; adults who love quality picture books; general hilarity and enjoyment -- Amber

Come With Me Cover Image
By Holly M. McGhee, Pascal Lemaître (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781524739058
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers - September 5th, 2017

Come with Me is that sometimes-necessary reminder that even when the world is dark and scary, kindness and love will always be more powerful. --Amber

Nobody's Duck Cover Image
ISBN: 9780544792500
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: HMH Books for Young Readers - February 6th, 2018


Silly, goofy, hilarious and sweet! Adorable Duck turns up on fussy Alligator's  lawn. “Whose  duck  are  you?” a none-too-amused  Alligator wants to know. “I'm  nobody's  duck.” In an attempt to discover who Duck belongs to – the odd couple go on some wacky adventures. If this  doesn't “quack” you up – nothing will! For 4+ -ABBE

Ocean Meets Sky Cover Image
By Terry Fan, Eric Fan, Terry Fan (Illustrator), Eric Fan (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781481470377
Availability: Available from warehouse in 1-5 business days
Published: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers - May 15th, 2018

The Fan brothers have created a magical dream world that readers will want to return to over  and over. Each spread begs the reader to pour over its details and imagine the possibilities such a  world could hold. Finn's journey to honor his grandfather is one of the best picture book journeys  I've ever been on. For 4+  -ERIN

Doll-E 1.0 Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316510318
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - May 2018

The latest addition to the trend of Girls in STEM picture books, Doll-E 1.0 by Shanda McCloskey is an adorable example of what one can do when combining intelligence and creativity as Charlotte turns her doll into a robot! --Amber

The Antlered Ship Cover Image
By Dashka Slater, Terry Fan (Illustrator), Eric Fan (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781481451604
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Beach Lane Books - September 12th, 2017

An inspiring, imaginative adventure with a classic Treasure Island vibe that will appeal to ages 4+. Lavish illustrations of ethereal seascapes and gorgeous realistic animals make this a feast for the eyes!!! -MICHELLE

Charlotte the Scientist Is Squished Cover Image
By Camille Andros, Brianne Farley (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780544785830
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Clarion Books - March 14th, 2017

Charlotte is a serious scientist who has all the right equipment: protective glasses, a lab coat, a clipboard, and a magnifying glass. What she doesn’t have is space. She has so many brothers and sisters that she is too squished to work on her experiments! Can science solve her problem? Charlotte isa funny little bunny, and this introduction to the scientific method will inspire curious kids. Fun readingfor ages 4+! -MICHELLE

Baabwaa and Wooliam: A Tale of Literacy, Dental Hygiene, and Friendship Cover Image
By David Elliott, Melissa Sweet (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763660741
Availability: Available from warehouse in 1-5 business days
Published: Candlewick - September 12th, 2017

Two  meek  and  quiet  sheep  seeking  adventure  encounter  a  third  sheep,  but  this  one  has  a  long  snout  and  disgusting,  sharp  teeth.  Wait  a  minute,  that’s  no  sheep!  Caldecott  honor  winner  Melissa  Sweet’s  expressive  characters  and  quirky  artistic  details  add  a  charming  dimension  to  David  Elliot’s  clever  and  hilarious  story  about  unlikely  friendships. For 4+ -MICHELLE

We Are Brothers, We Are Friends Cover Image
By Alexandra Penfold, Eda Kaban (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9780374302016
Availability: Hard to find: allow 24 hours for information
Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) - February 28th, 2017

Simple text and lively illustrations highlight the message that a new brother is a treasure - a lifelong friend ready for all the help and togetherness a big brother can give.  A wonderful alternative to all of the "babies are a bother" books so common for siblings. Ages 2+.  - Cindy

Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years (Our Universe #1) Cover Image
By Stacy McAnulty, David Litchfield (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781250108081
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) - October 24th, 2017

Earth, whose favorite thing to do is spin, finally gets to tell us her story. Fun and lovely illustrations accompany Earth's tale of what's been going on for the past 4.54 billions years! Fun nonfiction for 4+! -MICHELLE

Read the Book, Lemmings! Cover Image
By Ame Dyckman, Zachariah OHora (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780316343480
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - November 7th, 2017

Guaranteed giggles! Clever illustrations, Captain PB (polar bear, not peanut butter), a literary fox, and three very silly lemmings. Perfect for all storytimes, with opportunities to do character voices. It also imparts the importance of learning how to read without being didactic. My favorite picture book of the year! Ages 4+ --Broche

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth Cover Image
By Oliver Jeffers, Oliver Jeffers (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780399167898
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Philomel Books - November 14th, 2017

Based on the author's experience as a first-time dad, this endearing and sweet picture book is the PERFECT baby gift for new parents. With his signature wit and imaginative illustrations, Jeffers  shows us what is importantin life: kindness, tolerance and caring for each other and our planet. For 0+ -ABBE

Staff Pick Badge
Pumpkin Soup: A Picture Book Cover Image
By Helen Cooper, Helen Cooper (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780374460310
Availability: On our shelves now
Published: Square Fish - September 6th, 2005

This charming tale of a cat, a squirrel, and a duck who live deep in the woods in an old white cabin is the perfect picture book for Fall.  It’s also a pitch-perfect story of friendship, and what can happen if you take a friend for granted. Sumptuously illustrated by the author and uproariously funny, Pumpkin Soup is the book that made me fall in love with picture books as an adult! --Tony