Personal Memberhips

How much is a Personal Membership?

When you sign up, your cart will show a charge of $1, however nothing will actually be charged to your credit card until the first book is processed. The cost of the books will vary. Each month your credit card will be charged for the cost of the book plus tax. Shipping and archival covers will also be charged if you have chosen those on the enrollment form. (The first cover is free.) Please note that additional shipping and handling expenses will be required to mail books outside the continental US.

What is the duration of a Personal Membership?

Membership is for as long as you like. Over the course of a year, you will receive 10-12 books. Usually one book will be shipped each month, but if we see that two good books are coming out in the same month, we may ship them both and skip another month.

What is the cancellation policy for a Personal Membership?

You may cancel at any time. If a shipment is in transit, your cancellation will be effective for future selections.

How will I be notified of the selections?

Each month we will send you an email telling you about the current selection. You will have 7 days to refuse the book. You may turn down 2 books during a membership year.

What if I want to return the book after I receive it?

Unless the book is damaged in shipping, it is not returnable. If you receive a damaged book, please contact us immediately and we will send you a replacement.

Is it possible to pick up my books at the store?

Yes. You will pay only the cost of the book. If your book isn’t picked up within 30 days, we will ship it to you and charge the cost of the book plus $3.95 shipping to your credit card. (This applies to Personal Memberships only; all gift selections will be mailed.)


Does my Quail Ridge Books Reader’s Club discount apply to the cost of the Signed First Editions Club books?


Can my books be personalized?


Can I sign up at the store?

Yes. Any bookseller can assist you with this.

Can I have the book's dust jacket wrapped in an acid-free archival cover?

Your first book will be wrapped free of charge. After that, if you would like for us to continue providing this, we will charge an additional $3 per book to your credit card. If requested, archival covers will be provided at an additional cost of $6 per 3-book Gift Membership, $18 per 6-book Gift Membership, $36 per 12-book Gift Membership.

PLEASE NOTE: All titles are subject to availability. If a substitution is necessary, members may be assured that the substitution will adhere to our high standards for book selection. Prices may occasionally change from the time a book is announced to the time it is shipped, but members will never pay more than the list price (plus tax and shipping if applicable) for a title.

If you have other questions, please contact Mamie Potter:, or call the store at (919) 828-1588.


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