Our Book Club Services

  • If a single order is placed for your month's selection and all the books are picked up and paid for in one transaction, we will give you a 21% discount on the books.(If the books are discountable - most are.)
  • If you give us your list of books we will order them and hold them behind the counter for your members to buy.
  • We will be glad to maintain a list of your Club's selections for your members to consult.
  • One of our staff members will make a presentation of thought-provoking books to your group - either at the bookstore or at your location.
  • Twice a year we have a "Book Club Bash" where several staff members make recommendations of great book club books. There is also an exciting exchange of ideas among the audience members as well as tasty wine and cheese for the evening sessions or coffee and baked goods at the morning ones.