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Open Discussion Project

The Open Discussion Project's goal is to foster dialog and better understanding between people with different political viewpoints and to provide a space for civil discourse on controversial or divisive topics. The book selections are also chosen to represent issues and viewpoints across the political spectrum.  The aim of each discussion is to promote understanding rather than convince anyone of a particular point of view. We have two facilitators skilled at doing just that. New meeting day: The group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

Three organizations--the National Coalition Against Censorship, the National Institute for Civil Discourse, and the American Booksellers' Association--have joined together to sponsor the Open Discussion Project. The national roll-out has started with six bookstores, including QRB. The sponsoring organizations are offering their support by supplying trained facilitators, community outreach, and a forum for the participating stores to discuss best practices.

This book club is currently on hiatus.