Offsite Events

Did you know that Quail Ridge Books provides books for author events held outside the store?

Book sales outside our store provide another service to individuals and organizations in the community by offering fundraising opportunities.  We have sold books at author-signing parties in private homes, in churches, and at many other venues. We have even sold books at restaurants, theater performances and comedy shows! Each out-of-store sale is different.

Quail Ridge Books provides books and the necessary sales equipment to sell them - cash box, bags, table-top signs, credit card imprinters or (for customers with access to a smartphone) Square readers for quick and easy credit card processing. Although we have occasionally sent staff to handle a sale, most groups prefer to sell books themselves and earn a 20% commission on the sales total before tax.

If you are giving a party for a friend who has a book coming out, or if your business, school or organization is sponsoring a speaker who's written a recent book, contact our outside sales coordinator at (919) 828-8777 or at - the earlier the better - and we'll make every effort to accommodate your needs. We look forward to adding to the success of your event.

And, of course, if you want a signed or personalized book by one of the authors, just contact us!  (If ordering withing 48 hours of the event, please call rather than ordering online.