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Open Discussion Project: Guidelines and Topics

Guidelines for the Conversation

Commitments from facilitators:

  • We will model the behavior and attitudes we seek from the group
  • We will be encouraging to engage all participants
  • We will create conditions for learning
  • We will ask open-ended questions
  • We will control our own biases

 Conversation guidelines:                                                   

  • Listen with your whole self when someone is speaking
  • Only one person speaking at a time; don’t interrupt
  • Step Up, Step Back - be aware of how much you are talking
  • Use "I" statements
  • Assume best intentions
  • Avoid generalizations – be as specific as you can – through an example, etc.
  • No vulgar or obscene language, slurs or other forms of intimidation or abuse
  • Lean into discomfort – that’s why we are here

Topics for meetings/book selections:

    • Affordable Housing
    • Electoral College
    • Environmental Issues
    • Facts + Truth
    • Foreign Policy
    • Gerrymandering
    • Globalization
    • Healthcare
    • Historical Perspective on Bl. Division
    • Immigration
    • Indigenous Issues
    • Inequality
    • Institutional Racism
    • Mental Health
    • Money + Politics
    • Public Education
    • Religion
    • Role of Science
    • Separation of Church and State
    • Social Justice
    • Taxation
    • Tools for finding Common Ground
    • Transgender Politics
    • Urban Development
    • Welfare
    • Women’s Rights

The main webpage for the QRB Open Discussion Project is here.