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Mystery Book Club

Mystery Book Club meets the first Monday of every month Zoom. Each member reads a mystery fitting that month's discussion topic, and shares it at the meeting. Email our Book Club Liaison to be added to the mailing list.

2023 Topics:

March 6th: a mystery that involves a restaurant that serves ethnic food

April 2nd: a mystery that features technology

May 1st: a mystery featuring a royal

June 5tg: a mystery with an unreliable narrator

July 4th (tentative date): a mystery set in a place you want to visit

August 7th: a mystery featuring a hurricane (or a blizzard!)

September 7th (Thursday): a mystery about hiking

October 2nd: a mystery with a medical theme

November 6th: a mystery with a snake in the story

December 4th: your favorite mystery from 2023

Discussion guidelines:
  1. How long did it take you to get involved in the story?
  2. Were the main characters interesting? Realistic? Did you like them?
  3. Did the characters change and learn something by the end of the story?
  4. Was the plot simple or complex? Were there multiple plot lines or red herrings?
  5. What was the structure of the book - continuous or back and forth? Did the structure help tell the story or distract from it?
  6. Was the resolution satisfying?
  7. Will you read another book by this author?


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