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Libro.fm - Audiobooks That Support Indies

Libro.fm is partnering with independent bookstores to offer a big selection at very reasonable prices.  Click here to check out Libro.fm and join.  Some highlights of Libro.fm membership are:

  • Choose from over 150,000 selections, including best sellers.
  • All recommendations come from booksellers at Libro.fm partner bookstores across the country.
  • Are you an occasional listener? With Libro.fm, you can purchase and listen to audiobooks on your own schedule with no strings attached.
  • Get your first audiobook for free and then pay $14.99 each month.
  • Take 30% off additional audio books.
  • Cancel anytime; keep your books.
  • Switching from another audiobook provider? Let us thank you with 3 audiobooks for the price of 1. Simply enter the code “SWITCH” when you start your membership.

Libro.fm is a partner of the American Booksellers Association and works with independent bookstores to create co-branded audiobook storefronts.


  • Kids Club: The Kids Club is perfect for little ears! Enjoy a fresh collection of fantastic audiobooks for children each month, all priced at $10 or less.
  • YA Club: YA might stand for “young adult,” but teens and adults alike love this dynamic genre. The YA Club features the hottest audiobooks each month for $10 or less.
  • Business Club: The Business Club is perfect for those focused on personal and professional growth. The club features a curated mix of business and self-help audiobooks each month, all priced at $10 or less.
  • Kiss Club: Romance is alive and well in the Kiss Club! Enjoy a monthly selection of steamy romance audiobooks for only $3.99 each.


  • Fosters the personal and professional growth and development of your employees
  • 150,000+ audiobooks, including New York Times Best Sellers
  • Increasingly popular way to consume content (audiobooks are the fastest growing category in publishing, 30% YOY)
  • Flexible and on-demand listening through the Libro.fm app (iOS and Android)
  • Allows employees to support their local bookstore of choice
  • Ability to brand your employees’ Libro.fm experience
  • No technology requirements, set-up, or maintenance required
  • Personal support team at Libro.fm.


Educators, librarians, booksellers, media/reviewers, and influencers can join our Audiobook Listening Copy (ALC) program for complimentary audiobooks. You’ll get a mix of new and upcoming audiobook releases each month.


¡Escucha! Es una buena forma de disfrutar un libro. Escucha tus audiolibros favoritos cuando quieras, donde quieras. Aunque el auge de los audiolibros es un fenómeno que empieza en los países de habla inglesa, el número de audiolibros en español crece todos los días. Uno de estos puede ser la compañía ideal para esas horas de tránsito.