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All about Kobo

Get Started Buying eBooks

It's as easy as One, Two, Three:

  1. Set up your Kobo account at kobobooks.com, or via your Kobo Aura or Arc eReader bought from our store.
  2. Login to kobobooks.com with your new account to browse, search for, and buy eBooks.
  3. Start reading! Download a free Kobo reading App here to read on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. (You can also purchase eBooks through the app. Sign into the app with your new Kobo account and continue to support this store. We sure do appreciate it!)


We partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in eReading. It’s easy to get started. Kobo offers over 3 million eBook titles - including best sellers, hidden gems, Indie Next List great reads, and other recommendations - that can be downloaded instantly over Wi Fi, making it the ultimate in convenience. Take your library everywhere – Kobo eReaders store up to 1,000 eBooks. We are selling the Kobo Aura and Arc eReaders and have demo models set up in the store for you to try out.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to support Quail Ridge Books, before shopping at the Kobo store please set up your Kobo account either through a device purchased with us, or via this link. Thanks for your support!


Google eBook Users...

You will no longer be able to buy Google e-books through us though you will continue to be able to access them via your Google account. However, the IndieBound Reader app was designed specifically to interface with Google eBooks and will no longer be supported after January 2013. If desired, you can load your Google eBooks to a new Kobo device using Adobe Digital Editions. Please see this video, produced by Google, for a step-by-step guide to transferring your Google eBooks to your new Kobo eReader (or other e-reader).

For those who have other eReading devices, Kobo offers apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and the Blackberry. This will enable you to still order eBooks from our website and enjoy reading on your device of choice. Please come by the store to try out the Kobo Aura and Arc e-readers we are selling.

Why Kobo?

10 million book lovers around the world have embraced Kobo eReading. Just like us, Kobo is passionate about books. Find out why:

  • Kobo eReading Catalog
    Kobo has a world-class eReading catalog with over 3 million eBook titles. When you create an account with Kobo you can shop for books just like you would in our store. Just follow the link!
  • Kobo Free eReading Apps
    Kobo is all about being open so you can read however you want. Once you download their free app to you smartphone, desktop, or tablet, your eBooks, PDFs, ePubs, and even your bookmarks, are in sync – start on one device and pick up on another and never lose your place. Set up your Kobo account through our link so that when you purchase eBooks you are supporting this store.
  • Kobo Ease of Use and Customer Care
    The Kobo experience is flexible, easy, and enjoyable. Pick up great indie-recommended and bestseller eBook titles, as well as staff picks. Got questions? Kobo offers first-rate Reader support from 8:00 a.m. to midnight (ET) every day.

Frequently Asked Questions