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Independent Bookstore Day 2016 Items

We have many unique books and pieces of art created by authors and illustrators just for Independent Bookstore Day.  You can purchase the special IBD items in our store and now online through us.  Many items are limited run editions, not to be repeated. So when they're gone, they're gone!   Just click on an image for a bigger picture and for detailed information. 

2016 Independent Bookstore Day Unique Items

Sold out!
Bookstore Cats Bag



Anthony Bourdain Print

Curious George Plush

Ann Patchett Story

Kate DiCamillo Special Edition

Sold out!

Duck & Goose Print

Draw Me!

"Bad Citizen" Stencil

X: Vinyl Record

Literary Tea Towels

Sold out!

Neil Gaiman Coloring Book

Stormlight Archive - Free!

Sold out!

Hour of Land Chapbook - Free!

Bonus from 2015:

Literary Seas Map


Bonus from 2015:

Huck Finn Folded Map



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