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Author event FAQs

How do I attend an event?

When you view an event on our website, scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase your tickets and RSVP. Once you make your selection, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite.

Why should I purchase a ticket ahead of time?

While we are a large store, we do occasionally hit our fire-code capacity for popular events and sell out. By purchasing your ticket ahead of time:

  • You are guaranteed entry to the event if it sells out
  • Your book will be waiting for you to pick up when you arrive
  • You will have access to a reserved seating section in the first few rows
  • If there is a signing, you will be among the first few rows to get in line to meet the author
  • If you can't attend the event, your signed book will be waiting for you to pick up at the store at your convenience!

What is a Free RSVP?

For most events, we do not require purchase to attend and will have both a ticket and RSVP option on our website. If you do not want to buy ahead, please use the free RSVP button to let us know you plan to come. This is tremendously helpful, as it gives us an estimate of how many chairs to put out and how many books to have available for purchase at the event (note that sometimes we do sell out of books if we don’t get an accurate headcount).

A free RSVP is NOT a ticket and does not guarantee entry. We give preferential treatment to those who buy the book ahead of time, and in the event that we hit our capacity in pre-paid tickets, no one without a pre-paid ticket will be admitted. We do our best to email all free RSVPs if we notice tickets selling quickly, and we will notify you by email if the event completely sells out.

**We do gently suggest that you purchase your book from Quail Ridge Books rather than bringing it from elsewhere. We are an independent business and events are expensive for us to host. Sales numbers are the metrics publishers use to decide which bookstore to send their authors to - the more copies we sell, the more likely we are to host your favorite author in the future! Remember, Amazon and other big-box retailers are not the ones hosting this author or keeping your tax dollars in the community. We truly appreciate your support and willingness to shop local!**

What is a “ticketed” event?

If we anticipate that an event will be popular enough to hit capacity, or, if the publisher requires it, the event will be listed as a ticketed event ONLY. This means you MUST purchase your ticket and book ahead of time to attend. Each individual attendee will need to purchase one ticket (which includes one copy of the book).

Occasionally if an event is very popular, we will move it offsite to a larger venue and make more tickets available. In that case, an announcement will be made on our social media channels and by email. If you do not see a waitlist on the event page, then we are officially sold out.

We will not allow casual shoppers in the store during a sold-out event, as the tickets will encompass our entire fire-code capacity. We appreciate your understanding and hope you will come back to shop again the next day!

Can I bring my child/friend/spouse to a ticketed event for free?

Unless otherwise noted on the event page, each individual person will need to purchase one individual ticket, including spouses, friends, and children.

For some select young children’s ticketed events, a free companion ticket MAY be available. Please refer to the event page for information about whether companion tickets are included.

What is an offsite event?

An offsite event means the event will be held at another venue rather than at our bookstore in North Hills. We do this occasionally to accommodate a much larger crowd. The offsite venue and address will be listed on the event page and your ticket.

Sometimes if an event surprises us and grows beyond our limits, we will attempt to move it offsite. If the event moves offsite after you have purchased your ticket, we will inform you via email.

Offsite events are almost always ticketed, meaning one ticket/book per person/seat, unless otherwise noted. Your book will be available for you to pick up at the venue, not at our store. 

Occasionally an offsite event will be too large for the author to accommodate a signing line. In those instances, your book will likely be signed by the author ahead of time, but not personalized, and the author will not meet attendees at a table. Please refer to the event page for all details about the signing and meet & greet table.

I’ve bought a ticket and I can’t make it - can I return my ticket?

You are welcome to request a refund through the email that you received from Eventbrite up to 24 hours before the event, unless otherwise noted on the event page. Our events team will process your refund as quickly as possible, but please allow a few days or weeks for the funds to return to your bank account.

We will not process refunds within 24 hours of the event. No returns or refunds will be granted after the event, even if you did not attend. If you did not attend, your book will be available for pick up at your convenience after the event.

I bought a ticket but missed the event - can I still pick up my signed book?

Absolutely! Your signed book will be waiting for you in a bag with your name on it at the store. You can pick the book up at your convenience.

Can I just order a signed book and not attend?

If you do not wish to attend the event, you do not need to purchase a ticket through Eventbrite. Just add the book to your online shopping cart and note in the comment field that you would like the book signed and/or personalized. You may also pre-order a signed copy in-store or by phone. Signed books are not guaranteed. In the event that the author is not able to sign your book before leaving, we will contact you and we are happy to provide a refund.

What is a Meet & Greet?

A Meet & Greet means the author will not do a reading/presentation and there will be no attendee seating. The author will be seated at a table and may be available to sign books, meet fans, and potentially take photos during a designated period. You can arrive at anytime during that time window, unless otherwise noted.

All regular ticketing rules will apply - some Meet & Greets will require tickets, while others will not. Please refer to the event page for details about specific events.

I missed my favorite author! How do I find out what events you have coming up?

We are adding new events all the time and there are lots of ways to stay informed!

  • Sign up for our email mailing lists. You can receive our monthly QuailEvents email, and/or check all of the topics that you are interested in to receive emails about events in your favorite genres!
  • Follow us on Instagram at @quailridgebooks or Facebook to see announcements as they are made
  • Keep an eye on our website event calendar

How long are your events?

Typically, events start at 7pm and last for roughly an hour, with the signing beginning at 8pm. The signing line will take as long as the author needs. Every event is individual, however, and specifics about timing and signing will be listed on the event page.

Where can I park?

If you aren’t able to find a parking space right outside our door, there are lots of other places to park in North Hills! The best places to try next are the parking lot near Aladdin’s Eatery, as well as the large parking garage in the Main District (just a short walk from the store with ample parking). Parking maps can be found at visitnorthhills.com/directory/category/parking/.

What should I do when I arrive?

If you bought a ticket, head straight to the counter. Our booksellers will check your name off of the list and hand you your book. You can then head to the event space and sit anywhere you like in the reserved section.

If you did not purchase a ticket and the event is not ticketed, you can purchase a book at the counter when you arrive, or, head straight to the event space and have a seat anywhere that is not reserved.

Can I request accommodations for my disability?

Of course! We are happy to reserve a space for you if you are in a wheelchair or in need of extra room! Just give us a call ahead of the event or send an email through your Eventbrite ticket.
If you are hard of hearing, please let us know as early as possible. For large offsite events, we can sometimes secure an ASL interpreter if given enough time. Or, we can offer a free companion ticket to your own interpreter, as well as seat you in the front row if that is your preference! You can call ahead or send an email through your Eventbrite ticket with questions.


Don’t see the answer to your question? You can send an email through your Eventbrite ticket, or, call the store at (919) 828-1588.

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