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Reserved Seating & Signing Line Tickets

How Our Events Work

At QRB, most of our in-store author events have free, general seating. For select large events, we offer reserved seating with QRB purchase of the author's book, while still keeping at least 20 unreserved seats open for general admittance with no purchase required. Our store's capacity is 220. For very rare events like David Sedaris, we will not be able to offer free general seating. Check our listings to see which events offer reserved seating

  • For select events a limited number of reserved seats will be available.
  • One book purchase equals one reserved seat plus a signing line ticket. Most children's events come with two reserved seats, so an adult and child may attend together.
  • Books may be purchased in advance of the event online/by phone/in person.
  • Reserved seats and signing line tickets will be issued according to the date/time the book is purchased (for off-site venues and on rare occasions in-store reserved seating will not be assigned to a specific row but will be first-come, first-serve).
  • Once reserved seats have sold out, books/signing line tickets, and seats may still be available, just not reserved seats.
  • Additional seats will uaually be available for the public without any purchase required, however, for big events these seats may fill up and Fire Code does limit the total number allowed in the store.
  • Please bring your ticket with you to the event.

For more details please go to quailridgebooks.com/seatingfaq.


What Are Signing Line Ticket Events?
After an author finishes their talk and reading part of the program, he or she moves to the signing table to greet fans who want books signed. For Signing Line Ticket Events we issue signing line tickets, primarily for our customers' convenience, and sometimes at the publisher's request. With the purchase of a book by the author (sometimes the author's new work, sometimes any of his or her books), you will receive a lettered ticket for the signing line. The earlier a book is purchased, the earlier letter your ticket will have. Each letter group has a small number of tickets in it, so the line moves fairly quickly. The letter on the ticket corresponds to your place in line.

We suggest purchasing books before the event, and pre-paying for those that have not yet been published in order to reserve a seat and get an early signing line ticket. Your signing line ticket will be with your book when you pick it up.  Those without signing line tickets may join in at the end of the line, if time permits. We cannot guarantee that those without tickets will get to the signing table. For a few events, the program and/or signing line will only be open to those with tickets, and those will be noted in our publicity.

Very rarely, we will host an event which is a signing only, where the author will not have a reading or program. We will designate this very clearly, and use signing line tickets for these events. 

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