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Event FAQs

We're known for hosting many author (and illustrator) events for both adults and children. Most of our programs are held in the store and do not require a ticket or purchase; however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hosting the majority of our events virtually unless otherwise noted. We do hope you'll help support us by purchasing the author's book with us; this enables us to keep bringing in some of your favorite writers. 

What Are Signing Line Ticket Events?

For Signing Line Ticket Events, admission is open for any readings, discussions, or Q&A events that the author puts on before a signing. 

After an author finishes this part of the program, he or she moves to the signing table to greet fans who want books signed. For Signing Line Ticket Events we issue signing line tickets, primarily for our customers' convenience, and sometimes at the publisher's request. With the purchase of a book by the author (sometimes the author's new work, sometimes any of his or her books), you receive a lettered ticket for the signing line. The earlier a book is purchased, the earlier letter your ticket will have. Each letter group has a small number of tickets in it, so the line moves fairly quickly. The letter on the ticket corresponds to your place in line - Letter A ticket holders will have their books signed first, then Bs, and so forth.

We suggest purchasing books before the event, even pre-paying for those that have not yet been published. Your signing line ticket will be with your book when you pick it up.  Those without signing line tickets may join in at the end of the line, if time permits. We cannot guarantee that those without tickets will get to the signing table.

Very rarely, we will host an event which is a signing only. We will designate this very clearly, and use signing line tickets for these programs. 

What Are Admission Ticket Events?

On occasion, we host author events for which we need another nearby venue. Often, but not always, these will be at the NC State Hunt Library, the McKimmon Center at N.C. State or at Meredith College. For these events, we issue admission tickets. The conditions for purchasing admission tickets may vary with events, so please look at that event's details on our website.  Generally, you receive a free ticket with the purchase of the author's new book. These books may be pre-purchased even before publication. For books for younger children, we may also offer a "sidecar" ticket that allows for a parent or caregiver to accompany the child.  Admission is open seating. An admission ticket given with the purchase of a book also serves as your ticket for the signing line after the program. So the information described for our signing line tickets also applies—the earlier purchased, the earlier your place in line.

How Do I Register For a Virtual Event?

All Quail Ridge Books-hosted virtual events are hosted as a Zoom Webinar and can be registered for on Eventbrite. In most cases, there are three ways to gain access to a virtual event: 1) Buy the author's book; 2) Become a member of Readers' Club Plus+; pay $5 (plus fees). At the organizer's discretion, an event may be offered only with book purchase or as a free event. You may also purchase virtual event admission in store.


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