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The Flower Princess (Paperback)

The Flower Princess By Abbie Farwell Brown Cover Image


NCE upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Fleurette, who lived in awhite marble palace on the top of a high hill. The Princess Fleurette was very fondof flowers, and all around the palace, from the very gates thereof, a fair garden, fullof all kinds of wonderful plants, sloped down to the foot of the hill, where it wassnugly inclosed with a high marble wall. Thus the hill was like a great nosegay risingup in the midst of the land, sending out sweet odors to perfume the air for miles, bright with color in the sunshine, and musical with the chorus of birds and the humof millions of bees.One part of the garden was laid out in walks and avenues, with little vine-cladbowers here and there, where the Princess could sit and read, or lie and dream.There were fountains and statues among the trees, and everything grand andstately to make a garden beautiful. Another part of the garden was left wild andtangled, like a forest. Here all the shyest flowers grew in their own wild way; andhere ran a little brook, gurgling over the pebbles in a race to the foot of the hill.There never was seen a more complete and beautiful garden than this of thePrincess Fleurette.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798740081908
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 19th, 2021
Pages: 54
Language: English

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