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Sophie and The Odd Ones (Paperback)

Sophie and The Odd Ones By Gwen DeMarco Cover Image
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Sophie Feegle needs a break. Rent is due on her crappy apartment and she's halfway through her last loaf of bread.

Sophie doesn't have big ambitions. She only wants a job that will keep her landlord off her back, enough extra cash for whiskey at the neighborhood bar and a bit of free time to hang out with the naughty old lady next door.

When a chance encounter with a quiet stranger leads to a job offer at the San Francisco City Morgue, Sophie jumps at the opportunity. She never expected to find her calling on the graveyard shift surrounded by dead bodies and the strange characters that make up the morgue's staff. Finding out that your friends and co-workers are shifters, ogres and other non-human creatures is a shock, but Sophie quickly realizes that these are her people, and she has finally found her perfect gig.

And then things get odd. Well... odder.

Unusual murders keep ending up on Sophie's autopsy table, hinting at strange powers working within the city. Something nefarious is building in San Francisco, and it is up to Sophie and her friends to thwart the evil powers on the rise.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798664359237
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 13th, 2020
Pages: 276
Language: English

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