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Junk Journal Vintage Gypsy Themed Signature: Full color 6 x 9 slim Paperback with ephemera to cut out and paste in - no sewing needed! (Paperback)

Junk Journal Vintage Gypsy Themed Signature: Full color 6 x 9 slim Paperback with ephemera to cut out and paste in - no sewing needed! By Strategic Publications, Helene Malmsio Cover Image
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Gypsies and Vintage Traveler Images Themed Junk Journal no-sew Signature, ready to just tie into your cover alongside your folded dyed papers and old book pages.

Use it as-is to create a small 30 page Junk Journal or get more in my series as book Signature elements and put them together in pockets of a Junk Journal or bind/ tie them into a larger book with cord or ribbon.

If you just want to quickly journal some memories you can create a mini journal in a one day session, just writing in the illustrated pages as-is, or also adding your own extra writing paper, decorations, pictures and photos to it

This is a Junk Journal and has not been created purely as a block of scrapbooking paper, so be aware you may need to be selective about what you choose to cut out, just like you would with any other illustrated book. If you don't know what Junk Journal ' signatures' are, I suggest that you do an online search to learn more about them and how to use them before you buy.

But the images on the pages at the back of the book are specifically there to be cut out and used to create extra note cards, envelopes, embellishments, journal cards & their pockets, as well as scraps to all cut and glue into the pages of the book and just keep building as many layers as you want on each page.

This is not thick board or cardstock, its normal thickness paper that does not bulk up your papercraft.

Then for extra fun in building up your Junk Journal layers, you also add your own laces, ribbons, fabric, photos, buttons, jewels, flowers, stickers and whatever scraps delight your creativity.

Collect all my Signature book themes that appeal to you and tie or bind them together into a journal that is totally unique to you. They are slim enough that you can add many layers of heavy trims and laces and still keep the book in shape.

If you are searching specifically for SCRAPBOOK IMAGES and decorative craft paper scraps to cut and paste into decoupage or to collate in your papercraft, I suggest that you checkout my series of books created for this use: "Decoupage Scrapbooking Collectible Papercraft Ephemera To Cut And Collage" on my author profile.

Use these Signatures to make wonderful memory books for a life well lived, that are a beautiful and creative legacy.

Gorgeous Vintage Gypsy and Traveler Romani Themed Journal

* 34-page/17-sheet full color:
* Gorgeous Themed Design Durable MATTE finish Paperback Cover.
* Size 6" X 9" (15 x 23cm) convenient small size to work on anywhere.
* Full colour illustrated themes on every page
* Makes a delightful gift for people who love scrapping and want to begin journaling.
* Let the beauty of this artwork inspire you and your creativity.

Check out https: //www.amazon.com/author/strategic page for all the latest designs available

A lifetime fan of Diary & Journal creation for her own writing and embellishing, Helene Malmsio has compiled a collection of Diaries, Journals and Bullet dot grid Planners in paperback soft cover books for your pleasure.

"When you use one of my Journals I want it to make you feel good. Knowing you can use these as a creative tool to craft a better life for yourself and your loved ones, is my inspiration - ENJOY "

Product Details
ISBN: 9798612879770
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 12th, 2020
Pages: 38
Language: English

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