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Razzmatazz (Compact Disc)

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Razzmatazz By Christopher Moore, Johnny Heller (Read by) Cover Image

Staff Reviews

Christopher Moore is baaaaack!  His latest novel, Razzmatazz, is the sequel to his previous book Noir.  The expected dark, twisted humor is here, as is his patented creation of unusual characters.  Sammy "Two Toes" Tiffin and the rest of the Cookie's Coffee irregulars return for a new adventure in San Francisco's Chinatown. This one involves Sammy's girl involved in creating a huge metallic ship of some kind.  She doesn't know how she knows what she needs to know about designing the thing.  She suspects that "Scooter", the moonman, is inducing trances in her so he can implant the knowledge.  Of course Moore has used the paranormal as some added spice.  Did I mention the Dragon that all of this revolves around? 

— Bill


Repeat New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore returns to the mean streets of San Francisco in this outrageous follow-up to his madcap novel Noir.

San Francisco, 1947. Bartender Sammy Two Toes Tiffin and the rest of the Cookie's Coffee Irregulars--a ragtag bunch of working mugs last seen in Noir--are on the hustle: they're trying to open a driving school; shanghai an abusive Swedish stevedore; get Mable, the local madam, and her girls to a Christmas party at the State Hospital without alerting the overzealous head of the S.F.P.D. vice squad; all while Sammy's girlfriend, Stilton (a.k.a. the Cheese), and her Wendy the Welder gal pals are using their wartime shipbuilding skills on a secret project that might be attracting the attention of some government Men in Black. And, oh yeah, someone is murdering the city's drag kings and club owner Jimmy Vasco is sure she's next on the list and wants Sammy to find the killer.

Meanwhile, Eddie Moo Shoes Shu has been summoned by his Uncle Ho to help save his opium den from Squid Kid Tang, a vicious gangster who is determined to retrieve a priceless relic: an ancient statue of the powerful Rain Dragon that Ho stole from one of the fighting tongs forty years earlier. And if Eddie blows it, he just might call down the wrath of that powerful magical creature on all of Fog City.

Strap yourselves in for a bit of the old razzmatazz, ladies and gentlemen. It's Christopher Moore time.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798200970810
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Language: English

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