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The Crowd, A Study of the Popular Mind (Paperback)

The Crowd, A Study of the Popular Mind By Gustave Le Bon Cover Image
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This book has been professionally retyped and reformatted to fit modern day standards by officials of the Portuguese Institute of Higher Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences. * Organised crowds have always played an important part in the life of peoples, but this part has never been of such moment as at present. The substitution of the unconscious action of crowds for the conscious activity of individuals is one of the principal characteristics of the present age.I have endeavoured to examine the difficult problem presented by crowds in a purely scientific manner-that is, by making an effort to proceed with method, and without being influenced by opinions, theories, and doctrines. This, I believe, is the only mode of arriving at the discovery of some few particles of truth, especially when dealing, as is the case here, with a question that is the subject of impassioned controversy. A man of science bent on verifying a phenomenon is not called upon to concern himself with the interests his verifications may hurt. - Gustave Le Bon.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789899880764
ISBN-10: 9899880760
Publisher: Iaegca - Portuguese Institute of Higher Studi
Publication Date: December 9th, 2014
Pages: 180
Language: English

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