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Leaving Time (Paperback)

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Leaving Time Cover Image
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Staff Reviews

Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time is everything a Picoult fan could want and more. Told from four different points of view, it is a story of a young girl searching for her mother, a missing elephant researcher, and the two people she has enlisted to help her: a once famous psychic who has lost her ability to communicate with the dead, and a down on his luck private investigator. Picoult employs the use of the elephants to further the story while teaching the reader countless new facts about the majestic creatures.  Picoult's uncanny ability to get inside the head of each character, man or woman, child or adult, keeps us hanging on every word to find out what each individual's fate will be. Even Picoult's biggest fans, who have come to expect shocks, won't see the twist ending coming, perhaps the most impressive thing about the consistently unpredictable Jodi Picoult.

— Chelsea

October 2014 Indie Next List

“Jenna Metcalf was born into what should have been an idyllic life in a sanctuary where her mother studied grief in elephants. When Jenna was very young, a tragic event occurred and her mother disappeared. As a teenager, Jenna tries to reclaim her past by attempting to discover both who her mother was and what happened to her. She gains help from two unlikely allies: a former psychic who specialized in missing persons and a failed detective who was originally involved with investigating the tragedy. Together they follow the trail, finding transformation and connection in the race to discover the truth. Fascinating lore about elephant behavior enhances this tale about grief and the bonds of love between mother and child that persist across time and species. Emotionally wrenching, with an unexpected but transcendent conclusion, this is a great read!”
— Deb Fliegel, River Lights Bookstore, Dubuque, IA

Product Details
ISBN: 9788972757566
ISBN-10: 897275756X
Publisher: Hyundae Munhak/Tsai Fong Books
Publication Date: December 15th, 2015
Pages: 564
Language: Korean