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Savage Street: Heartwarming and humorous about fear and brave decisions. (Paperback)

Savage Street: Heartwarming and humorous about fear and brave decisions. By Christina Winther (Illustrator), Thomas Hill (Translator), Antonia Reed (Editor) Cover Image
By Christina Winther (Illustrator), Thomas Hill (Translator), Antonia Reed (Editor)
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Funny about fear

Neil is terrified of the wild animals in the neighborhood. He barely makes it to school - without being eaten alive. It's terrible, and none of the adults understand what he's so afraid of.

One day things almost go wrong, and Neil realizes that he has to do something about his fear.
He comes up with a slightly unusual solution, but what will mum and dad say? And will it work?

So begins a journey in which Neil will learn that pretty much everyone is afraid of something. It is often difficult to understand fears we do not own ourselves.

Savage Street is a story of fear and brave decisions.

You will get to know Ramses Rex, Fluffy and Precious, Cannibal and Rosa - and some adults, who are also a little frightened from time to time, by the strangest things.

Full of hysterical illustrations, humor and surprising moments, this book is a funny and heartwarming tale of overcoming fear.

With the world's most important audience, Hege puts a lot of hard work into her books, choosing only the best of editors and illustrators.
Savage Street, was therefore acquired by The Norwegian Art Council.

Savage Street can be found in all Norwegian libraries. The author herself has visited several hundred school pupils to read from the book and talk about fear, and pupils aged 5-11 have enjoyed the story.

Many children have been relieved to hear that almost everyone, even adults, can be afraid of things, and it's nothing to be embarrassed about. And the best of all, you can do something about it.


"Very nice, easy to read and funny This is a book that adults and children can read together and use to talk together about being afraid.
The animals in the book could just as well be people who are not so good,
and the story shows that if we manage to get to know each other, we can become friends.

I recommend this to both parents, teachers and those who work with bullying.
In addition, the book can be used to teach children about different types of texts, i.e. genre, and different adventures and as a fable where animals are humanised."

- Elin Nat's, special education teacher and author

Another great review:

Dice roll 5 from #boktilpoden.
Reviewer admits to rarely laughing at books - but here she both chuckled and laughed.

Product Details
ISBN: 9788269177886
ISBN-10: 8269177881
Publisher: Bjerkelien Forlag
Publication Date: September 14th, 2022
Pages: 34
Language: English

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