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The Elephant in the Gym: Your Body-Positive Guide to Writing Your Own Health and Fitness Story (Paperback)

The Elephant in the Gym: Your Body-Positive Guide to Writing Your Own Health and Fitness Story By Gillian Goerzen Cover Image
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Stop eating Gluten. Want fast fitness results? Do HIIT and lift weights. Keto is the best way to lose pounds quickly. Intermittent fasting is the answer to everything.

So much information What do you trust? More importantly, what's right for you? Conflicting information is everywhere, but the underlying message is loud and clear - Your body is the problem and, you'd better fix it.

What if the solution isn't a new diet or another fitness program? What if you could create a healthy lifestyle using simple strategies to build lasting habits of a healthy life-- a solution based on loving the body you're in?

Award-winning Personal Trainer and Health Coach Gillian Goerzen wants you to know it's not about the perfect program -- it's about redefining healthy living on your terms, and developing strategies, routines and habits that work for you - and your real life Grounded in science, self-compassion and Goerzen's personal journey from body hatred to body positive, you'll learn to ditch the diet, reclaim an empowered relationship with your body, and become healthier as a result.

With The Elephant in the Gym, you'll discover:

  • No gym membership is required to be fit.
  • The real secret to lasting fitness motivation (it's not what you think).
  • Why you don't have to be fit to be healthy (and other myth-busting facts).
  • Practical strategies, tools and tips for healthy eating and physical activity that work for people just like you
  • What you can do to get started living your healthy lifestyle today

Deeply personal, backed by detailed studies and real-life stories, you'll design a lifestyle fit for you and no one else (it's not one size fits all - and it never should be). The Elephant in the Gym takes your eyes off of the scale and puts the power of creating a healthy life in your hands.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999408909
ISBN-10: 199940890X
Publisher: Winchelsea Media
Publication Date: October 5th, 2018
Pages: 202
Language: English

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