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Hindsight Bravo: Book 1 in the Dreams of Victory Series (Paperback)

Hindsight Bravo: Book 1 in the Dreams of Victory Series By J. R. Mosby Cover Image
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On an adrenaline-pumping journey, Master Sergeant Mike Mann and his elite team of soldiers paradrop into unknown territory over the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. Something feels different about this mission, and as they secure a defensible campsite, they unleash the power of the extraordinary X-ray Laser Image Transporter (XLIMTR). This groundbreaking device can scan, deconstruct, and reconstruct objects with unparalleled precision. Their mission: observe a clandestine missile site operated by Al-Qaeda, supplied by a secret alliance between radical elements within the Inter-Services Intelligence and the Pakistani army. The stakes are high, as the team must render the missiles inoperable without triggering an international incident. Can the XLIMTR deliver the covert solution they desperately need?

Then in a heart-stopping turn of events, the soldiers find themselves facing an inexplicable threat from Union soldiers charging toward them from the depths of the Civil War...? The team unravels the mystery, discovering they have been transported through time. As they navigate this new/old world, they question the bounds of history and their role within it. With President Lincoln's assassination looming in just one week, they face a monumental decision: intervene and shape the course of history or seize the opportunity presented by the impending gold rush. Splitting into groups, they embark on daring journeys, battling against time and adversity to fulfill their newfound missions.

Join the captivating journey of these brave soldiers as they grapple with the incredible power at their disposal, the temptations of a past where they can change the course of society, and the ultimate question of whether they should return to their 21st century lives. Prepare for a gripping tale of adventure, history, and the timeless struggle to define one's place in the world.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950544417
ISBN-10: 1950544419
Publisher: Rand-Smith LLC
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 248
Language: English

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