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From Chaos to Calm: Leading Change From the Inside Out by Annelies Gentile

SKU: 9781946425263

Cultivating resiliency in changing times takes skills and wisdom. In this part personal story, part philosophy and part guide book, you'll learn useful nuggets for life, leadership and well-being. To regain a sense of peace with what is, even in chaotic times, we need to begin within. Annelies Gentile, MA, ACC is an integrative life and leadership coach who helps professionals navigate change. She's a trusted guide for leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fields of government, healthcare, law, education, non-profits, arts, tech, science and sales. Annelies’ approach is both interesting and inspiring. You won’t find her in front a powerpoint slide (very often) but you will find her facilitating catalyzing workshops, restful retreats and thought-provoking keynote presentations exploring empathy, creative process, stress reduction, transformative leadership, resilience and mindfulness. She also coaches individuals, groups, and teams to better nourish their integrity and fuel personal and professional visions.

Although she’s rich in credentials, Annelies’ notes her real secret to success—is compassion. She’s traversed twenty-two countries and forty-nine U.S. states, confirming her philosophy that most people want and need the same three things: to be heard, to feel safe, and to have a sense of belonging. How we all get there is what tears us apart, triggering conflict and additional chaos. Through a presence-based approach, Annelies reminds us of what’s important. Her education includes a master’s degree in coaching (Maryland University of Integrative Health), and additional graduate studies in creativity, conflict transformation, and peacebuilding (European Graduate School in Switzerland), and transformative leadership (Tai Sophia Institute). She is also professionally accredited with ICF (International Coaching Federation). Cultivating resiliency in times of change is a strength she’s learned to develop and is grateful to share with her clients and readers like you. Annelies lives in Raleigh, NC with her family and sweetheart Greg Whitt of Drum for Change. This is her first book. Learn more at www.conduitforchange.com

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