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Normal (Paperback)

Normal By Charise Jewell Cover Image
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Have you ever had a big problem? These kids have big problems. Sam's mom was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sam feels helpless and overwhelmed. Oliver's grandmother died two months ago. She was his best friend and the only person who understood his anxiety. Margaret is a dancer with an eating disorder. Her dad left when she was a baby-it still hurts. Joel sees strange things he can't explain. Some people think he has a mental illness but he's not convinced. Sam, Oliver, Margaret, and Joel just want to feel loved and accepted. They just want to feel Normal. But the more time passes, the more their problems are ruining their lives. Will they always feel this lonely and confused?

Praise for Crazy, Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad

"Charise Jewell is a brilliant writer who takes the reader behind her eyes to see and feel the terror-and the beauty-of living with mental illness. It does what the best memoirs do: comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. A true must-read "

// Shannon Moroney, Bestselling Author of Through the Glass, Out of the Shadows, and Heal for Real

"A vivid and deeply intimate account of her experience with bipolar disorder. While Jewell's memoir confirmed my beliefs on systemic injustices experienced by those seeking treatment for mental illness, it also educated me on the beauty of family and resilience of humanity."

// Joy Norstrom, Author of Out of Play and Flying the Nest

"Should be required reading for doctors, nurses, counsellors, and educators. Beautifully crafted, Crazy is a spectacular read. With all the highs and lows of a great novel, it is fast-moving and spiced with humour and pathos. It is ultimately a very hopeful and reassuring book."

// Moyra Irving, Author of Amelie Trott and the Earth Watchers

"Charise Jewell is a beautiful storyteller. Her memoir, Crazy, flows like a compelling novel. She has delivered an insightful gift for family and friends of those living with bipolar. This is a must-read for people touched by this condition and for anyone who aspires to better understand."

// Jacqueline Aubin

Product Details
ISBN: 9781913680633
ISBN-10: 1913680630
Publisher: DIXI Books (Uk) Limited
Publication Date: April 14th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English

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