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The Slug: The Disgusting Critters Series (Hardcover)

The Slug: The Disgusting Critters Series By Elise Gravel Cover Image
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One in a series of humorous books about disgusting creatures, The Slug is a look at the land slug. It covers such topics as the slug's two pairs of tentacles, one pair for seeing, one pair for smelling (it can see you're a kid and smell like broccoli), its breathing hole (on the side of its head!), and its pretty gross mucous covering (in order to find a partner, the slug can follow another slug's mucous trail. True love!). Although silly and off-the-wall, The Slug contains factual information that will both amuse and teach at the same time.

About the Author

Elise Gravel is an award-winning author/illustrator from Quebec. She was the winner of the 2013 Governor General's Award for Children's Illustration in French, and is well-known in Quebec for her original, wacky picture books. She has published a number of books with US publisher Blue Apple and is currently working on a graphic novel for Roaring Brook Press. Having completed her studies in graphic design, Elise found herself quickly swept up into the glamorous world of illustration. Her old design habits drive her to work a little text here and there into her drawings and she loves to handle the design of her assignments from start to finish. She is inspired by social causes and is likes projects that can handle a good dose of eccentricity.

Praise For…

“Probably the grossest, but funniest, illustration is when the slug meets the snotty-nosed baby. That’s the two-page spread that a child will likely thrust into the face of a friend, hoping to get a loud response of “GROSS!” or “YUCK!” If a librarian or teacher is looking for an informational book for research, this isn’t it; but, it is a great, fun way to engage readers and share giggles.” - Booklist

“Readers will find the humorous cartoons to be a refreshing alternative to the photographs commonly found in non-fiction books. These pictures, paired with simple facts, make this book suitable for early readers, and could ease the transition into non-fiction for children who are reluctant to explore the genre.  It is also recommended for readers who are ready to start exploring simple chapter books. The Slug would be a welcome addition to both public and school library collections.” - Deakin Review of Children’s Literature

Product Details
ISBN: 9781770496552
ISBN-10: 1770496556
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date: August 5th, 2014
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Disgusting Critters

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