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The King of Action Figures (Hardcover)

The King of Action Figures By Andrew J. Brandt Cover Image
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From Andrew J. Brandt, the Pencraft Award-winning author of Mixtape for the End of the World, a coming-of-age tale for fans of John Green set to the sounds of a galaxy far, far away.

Eighteen year-old aspiring comic book artist Josh McCreary has a problem: despite being accepted to the prestigious Indianapolis Art Institute, he lacks the funds to pay for his tuition. And with the semester coming up fast, he has to find a solution quick.

His fortunes seemingly are changed when his friends Dustin and Joel discover something incredible: at an estate sale is the most incredible find of all time-a one-of-a-kind prototype action figure that could net them over six figures. All they have to do is drive a thousand miles to buy it before the greedy local comic shop owner can get his hands on it.

Together with Joel's girlfriend Hannah and her cousin Katie, they embark on a life-changing roadtrip. For some of them, it's a chance to change their fortunes. For others, a chance at beginning the life they've always dreamed of. And for Josh-a chance at letting go...and finding love.

A love letter to all things geek, THE KING OF ACTION FIGURES "shows how the fandoms we love and the friendships we form not only provide a safe space and a sense of community but can also give us the courage to believe in ourselves and our dreams." (Alisha Emrich, author of NerdCrush)

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737348757
ISBN-10: 1737348756
Publisher: Caprock Publishing Group
Publication Date: April 9th, 2024
Pages: 264
Language: English

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