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Family Law Boot Camp: The Essential Guide to Representing Yourself in a Colorado Family Law Case (Paperback)

Family Law Boot Camp: The Essential Guide to Representing Yourself in a Colorado Family Law Case By Alisha Taibo Coombe Cover Image


Family Law Boot Camp walks parties in Colorado family cases through how to represent themselves in all aspects of their case including trial. This thorough and eminently helpful guide takes you from the very start of your case choosing which forms you need through your closing argument in trial, with citations to real law you will need to use. You will learn how to draft legal documents, select witnesses, object, and enter evidence at trial. In this book you will find: A helpful glossary of legal terms;Sample legal documents such as witness disclosure;Tips on dealing with a difficult opposing counsel;Advice from other attorneys and judges;A sample trial plan, trial outline, opening statement, closing argument, and objections!While the author of this book is based in Colorado and uses Colorado law as the premise of this book, Family Law Boot Camp will help you understand every step of your case so you can prepare and present it in the most effective way possible. A must-have for anyone involved in a family law matter. This concise, easy-to-understand guide will help you navigate your case effectively and painlessly.

About the Author

Alisha Taibo Coombe has practiced Family Law in Colorado for over ten years. Throughout her career, Alisha has been passionate about using her legal knowledge to serve the community and expand access to justice. Alisha has volunteered in legal aid clinics of all types along the front range and has been a regular volunteer on KUSA Channel 9 Law Line. Alisha chaired the Family Law Pro Se Clinic and currently serves on the Access to Justice Committee and Community Services Committee of the Arapahoe County Bar Association. Alisha is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and previously served on the Board of Directors at Gateway Domestic Violence Services. Alisha proposed a simplified family law procedure to the Colorado Supreme Court Standing Committee on Family Justice in order to simplify the process of a family law case for the benefit of those who cannot afford attorneys. Her idea is currently being developed with the assistance of a committee formed specifically for this purpose. Alisha is a proud U.S. Army veteran.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735974873
ISBN-10: 1735974870
Publisher: The Unapologetic Voice House LLC
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English

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