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The Imitation of Christ: A New Translation: (July 2018) (Paperback)

The Imitation of Christ: A New Translation: (July 2018) By William Benham (Translator), Darrell Wright (Editor) Cover Image
By William Benham (Translator), Darrell Wright (Editor)
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(First of all, the 1100+ Customer Reviews are not for my book, which was just published 7/4/18. To see a sample of my translation just click on "Look inside" above the book cover image.) After the Bible, "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas Kempis is the most widely published Christian book of all time and has been, after the Bible, the premier spiritual guide of the saints since it first appeared in 1418. This book speaks to the soul of every true Christian, reminding him of the fleeting nature of earthly joys and pleasures as opposed to the eternity of happiness with God in heaven, and showing the most secure way of salvation through the virtue of humility, the way of the Cross, continual prayer, and docility to the Holy Spirit. This is a Christian Classic that one can turn to again and again for enlightenment, spiritual nourishment and consolation. This new Imitation of Christ, a revised translation of William Benham's 1886 edition, is especially geared toward the modern reader with its updating of language when it has been deemed helpful for easier reading and understanding, while maintaining the solemnity of language in the original. See other revised and/or edited Christian Classics by searching "Darrell Wright." Thanks for looking and also for any positive reviews.

About the Author

Darrell Wright (editor) received his Licentiate in Philosophy, magnum cum laude from the Angelicum University in Rome and is Co-founder of the Knights of the Holy Rosary. He taught in various Catholic schools, and spent several years studying for the priesthood, then a number of years as a contemplative monk, at the end of which he was encouraged to seek God's will elsewhere on account of his politically incorrect beliefs re- allowing homosexuals into seminaries and religious communities, the bogus "War on Terror" based on the 911 false flag black operation, being an admirer of Dr E Michael Jones and "Culture Wars" magazine, and, well....you get the idea. His other publications include "The Revelations of St Bridget and Church Reform"; "Faith and Reason in St Thomas Aquinas According to Etienne Gilson: An Introduction to Christian Philosophy"; "Titanic II: The Diary of Rose Dawson," a screenplay with a Catholic theme; "The Bad Kids Book of Poems: Cautionary Verse For Morals, Manners, and Not Being Stupid" (Illustrated); a survivalist/"doomsday prepper" book; as well as numerous Catholic Classics, especially by the saints, which he has translated, revised and/or edited, all available on Amazon (search "darrell wright"). He presently lives on a creek in the beautiful Gold Country in CA with his 91 year old mother and is hoping, God willing, to find a traditional Catholic soul mate who ideally is even a like-minded "conspiracy theorist" -- or at least can put up with one. Darrell can be reached at darrell@knightsoftheholyrosary.com.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781722234010
ISBN-10: 1722234016
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 4th, 2018
Pages: 124
Language: English

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