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Fendly's Revenge (Paperback)

Fendly's Revenge By Rich Olson (Illustrator), Sean Beech Cover Image
By Rich Olson (Illustrator), Sean Beech
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If Mother Nature was taken unwell who would you have running the planet in her stead? A cricket Good, so begins The Matriarch Tales as we follow the adventures of our cricket, his most loyal employees (two very hairy, smelly dwarves with pockets laden full of potions and ointments) who are, well lets say a little clumsy and not very bright and two Russian eight year old's as they battle to save the planet and and all of humanity from the forces of Nature and those creatures that would gladly exterminate mankind. Cockroach's like Sirius whose family was gassed by humans in their hotel and now is head of intelligence within mini-beast HQ. Or Persephone, Mother Nature's teenage daughter who is prone to rage and sulk in equal measure and could just as easily wipe out a species for something to do. Or the forces of Nature themselves that must forever be kept in check so they cannot run amok. Not your average day at the office for a cricket who with no training nor desire was plucked from obscurity into the post for little more than a kind gesture; saving a twitching robin from banging her head on its desk.His first few days in post went well and now well his Emotions Slug has just melted in front of eyes and to make matters worse his hat was sabotaged. This was no accident and the prime suspect, his Emotions Chalk had fled the scene. Did she have the answers he sought? Was this a plot to to discredit him and seize power and if so by whom? So having no choice he sent Sendly and Fendly out into the world of men with two guides, eight year old twins Sadie and Olag, to find the Chalk and hopefully the answers he needed. So begins the first of our tales as we join the dwarves and the twins in pursuit of the Chalk. A high speed chase that takes us from the freezing plains of northern Russia, into the heart of bustling London and then onward into the vibrant world of art in New York City. But will the Chalk have the answers they need? Who is responsible for the death of the Emotions Slug?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781696872263
ISBN-10: 169687226X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 352
Language: English

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