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SAVED-ish: Sometimes It's Hell Gettin' To Heaven (Paperback)

SAVED-ish: Sometimes It's Hell Gettin' To Heaven By Jamison Charles Cover Image
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Saved-ish is filled with unforgettable characters who find themselves forced to "bounce back" from things all Christians struggle with. The cross the prodigal son "Brother Ben" has to carry, however, is heavier than most. Not only does he have to overcome his family's "snake-bit" past after a 20-year absence from his hometown, but he has to do so while invigorating his buck-wild home church's congregation as its interim pastor. Anything that CAN happen DOES happen at Sacred Ground. But it would include a breakthrough of all breakthroughs in the life of the least of them all. (And that's not even the cliffhanger ) The tumultuous tale of "real-life" Christians with "real-life" issues is entertaining and inspiring, but what shines the most is the tangible evidence it provides that - through Christ Jesus - it's never too late to be what you "could've" been. Saved-ish is only slightly fictional in that the protagonist's fall and rise mirrors that of the author. I was incarcerated as a teen because I was a follower as well. I blindly followed my so-called friends straight to prison. Thankfully, while there I found a new friend to follow. One that sticks closer than a brother: My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ And through Him, as well as my incredibly loving family, I have truly turned my childhood tragedy into my manhood's triumph. I have since earned my associates degree in Theology, become an ordained minister, a motivational speaker and, at last, a published author. Which allows me yet another platform to inspire and enrich. Making my teenage incarceration battle cry and not my crutch.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781662863073
ISBN-10: 1662863071
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 28th, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English

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