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Gaby - Bits (Paperback)

Gaby - Bits Cover Image
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With the family moving to Germany things for young Bond get a bit interesting. Bits is a collection of short vignettes covering the first few months of the Bonds time in Germany - does Gaby make an appearance? you better believe it Since the First Edition hit the presses back in 2008 a further twenty volumes of Gaby have seen the light of day along with countless shorts and fanfics based around our hapless hero and his/her friends.As the plot has developed, one or two inconsistences have crept in or been brought to light which hopefully have been corrected in this volume. This has meant a few passages have been changed, a name here, syntax there along with a host of missing punctuation and grammatical errors which escaped the First Edition editing. Of course, all the original ilustration is included.This volume is written in two languages, English and German and whilst I had thought of doing all the German conversation in that language it was hardly practical A compromise was needed so you will find some passages in German, generally where interaction with non-core characters occurs. However a large amount of conversation takes place in German so to denote this you will find those interactions in a lighter type face. I hope you enjoy reading this and look forward to seeing you all in volume 6 It was never the intention to rewrite the volume and you'll find the general flow unchanged. However I hope that this Second Edition is a smoother read and that you'll enjoy this re-edited version.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781656053282
ISBN-10: 1656053284
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 5th, 2020
Pages: 336
Language: English