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When God Is Your Lawyer: NAVIGATING A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY COURT SYSTEM By Dominique D. Louis Cover Image


When Dominique's marriage ended because his wife filed for a divorce, he had not expected what would follow. When he thought he was a loving and present father who could easily enter into an easy, stress-free co-parenting arrangement with his estranged wife, he didn't know that this would be the beginning of years of stress, extortion, frustration and disappointment with the very systems he thought would help him have shared custody of his kids?
His is a story of how an ordinary guy who was ambitious and hard-working tending to his family would end up with an extraordinary loss of everything he held dear because of the desire for vengeance from his ex-wife.
From resigning from a career as an IT Executive to founding a school with over 10 years experience as a Credentialed Director with Florida's Department of Children and Family, Dominique's story is triumphant and exhilarating to see that the family court system even when abused by anyone who has the right connections, money, and power, is not enough to destroy one's spirit in being a great parent.
Follow his journey throughout his divorce (there is an appendix at the end showing the court proceedings), including how he ended up broke and unable to afford a lawyer, being forced to represent himself as a pro se litigant, to losing his school, commercial property, the kids and much more. In addition, as if that's not enough, follow how he has fought the system, uncovered illegalities, corruption, and unethical legal practices that would make you think again about being so confident that being an educated and informed pro se litigant is enough to get you a fair share of access to your kids and property during a divorce.
Learn how he has since rediscovered himself, tried new things and is on a recovery journey while having fun and enjoying every moment of it! His 7 spiritual lessons about recovery will undoubtedly prove helpful to anyone who has been in a similar situation and hasn't found an effective coping mechanism.

About the Author

Dominique is recognized as a modern day technology leader, Software Engineer and Solutions Architect. He has been integral of technology consulting in complex technology platforms and business process re-engineering in global organizations leading teams in IBM and Accenture. He is the Founder of Green Children's House Montessori School, he is a retired Early Childhood Director and licensed by Florida Department of Children and Families. He graduated from Florida International University and studied Computer Information Systems. He has studied early childhood development and occupational therapy as part of his undergraduate studies, and now has 5 years experience as a self-represented litigant focusing in the Family Court System.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781649531407
ISBN-10: 1649531400
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English

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