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Crave & Curse (Paperback)

Crave & Curse By Nadira Chowdhury Cover Image
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Crave & Curse

By: Nadira Chowdhury

Meet a girl named Akuma Kyapisu. In case you didn't know, her name is already troubled. It means, "the justice of the devil''. Her parents did this on purpose because they were spoiled during childhood. They were rich and would always take things for granted. They did not want to grant Akuma a blessed life like they had hoped before her birth. They had always thought giving birth to her was the worst thing they found hard to deal with in their life, for this girl gave Francesca troubled thoughts during her labour.

During the 14 weeks before she gave birth, she developed Broken Heart Syndrome. Later, she healed even after they considered Akuma a filthy brat who they did not want to be close to. They believed she was cursed. Some believed her parents made her cursed. Franc sca used to have more children in the past, but she thought they were also filthy, so she gave them up for adoption years later. Sakuro and Franc sca thought she was a burden and definitely a burden that did not deserve their appreciation. Finally someone--someone had decided to be her friend and guide her through all the things that had struck her with despair and negativity.

Will things really work out for her? Read to find out

About the Author

Nadira Chowdhury ("Nushu") is a skilled and multi-talented child prodigy. She was born in Bangladesh to a super-intelligent, and creative family. She has been writing since she was five years old. She is kind-spirited, soft-hearted, and well-spoken. Her main dream of writing is to become a published author and retail wholesale prices worldwide. Her purpose of writing is mainly inspiring, and second-wise in this case entertaining.

Chowdhury loves to write about romance, fantasy, and children's literature. Outside her authorhood, she is an artist, actress, baker, entrepreneur, merchant, model, photographer, sculpter, pop star, dancer, chef, beautician, philanthropist, businesswoman, and all-around magical girl

Product Details
ISBN: 9781637644836
ISBN-10: 1637644833
Publisher: Rosedog Books
Publication Date: November 19th, 2021
Pages: 48
Language: English

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