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Booty No More! (Paperback)

Booty No More! By Ron Larsen Cover Image
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The American Church is not doing well. And what is worse, if the statistics hold up, the next generation will be in far worse shape spiritually then our own. Children from Evangelical homes are departing from the faith as they enter adulthood at a very, very, very high and alarming rate. Christian parents, who love the Lord, and love their kids, are struggling to impart their precious faith to their precious children. This is not a new problem. From the time God placed the very first family on this planet, the struggle for generational faithfulness began. Today in the West, though, we are experiencing this failure in epidemic proportions. But, there is hope God is ALL POWERFUL, and His Word is Perfect. If we Christians can wrap our minds around that reality, we can by the Grace of God reverse the dreadful defection from the faith that Modern American Evangelicals are battling against. This book looks to give Biblical insights into Family, Church, and Cultural problems that Christians face today. May it be a blessing to both the Lord and to you. Ron Larsen presents an eye-opening book to parents on the relationship of our children to the family, to culture, to school, and to the church. Parents who are serious about rooting their children in the faith would do well to read this book. Kevin Swanson Author, Speaker, and host of Generations Radio This book is a manifesto for parents, particularly fathers, on what it will take to stem the awful tide of defection from the faith. It is a plea to fathers to turn their hearts to the home and their children before it is too late. It rebukes the laziness of so many in turning over their most important duty to the church. Pastor Michael Beck House of Prayer, Brooklyn, New York.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781625091901
ISBN-10: 1625091907
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 20th, 2013
Pages: 168
Language: English