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The Royal Priesthood of the Faithful (Paperback)

The Royal Priesthood of the Faithful By Cyril Eastwood Cover Image
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The present quickening of lay activity in the life of the church is regarded as one of the most significant developments in recent years. What is the theology behind this development? Is it new? Is it true? Is it biblical? Is it supported by the early church fathers? Is it a living issue today, and is the church awakening to the real and practical significance of a doctrine which has been part of her faith from the beginning? Such pertinent and far-reaching questions are discussed in the book. The author deals with the development of the doctrine of the royal priesthood of the faithful, showing that it is based on the Bible, is strongly supported by the church fathers, and is prominent in the writings of theologians of the Middle Ages. While the neglect of the doctrine has adversely affected the life of the church, the emphasis upon it in many centuries has prompted movements which have resulted in spiritual quickening, intellectual renewal, and new ventures in Christian service. The Royal Priesthood of the Faithful is a dynamic formula of reform. The true church is revealed as a consecrated, interceding, witnessing, and serving priesthood of faithful people. The rediscovery of this doctrine, to which Luther gave a new name, brought fresh life and new insights to the church in the sixteenth century. It may be that in present circumstances, in a different though no less needy world, its message, believed and applied, may yet do the same again. This book is a companion volume to Dr. Eastwood's The Priesthood of All Believers, which examines the doctrine from the Reformation to January of 1962. The two volumes together present a complete work on the meaning and history of the doctrine.

About the Author

Cyril Eastwood received his theological education at Wesley College, Headingley, Leeds, England, and after college served ten years as a missionary to India. In 1951, after returning from India, he was appointed to Waltham Abbey and Hertford Circuit where he served six years. He was an examiner in theology for candidates for the Methodist ministry and was a member of the Methodist Doctrinal Committee of Appeal. His book, The Priesthood of All Believers, merited the award of Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781606087312
ISBN-10: 1606087312
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication Date: May 1st, 2009
Pages: 268
Language: English

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