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Who Is My God? (2nd Edition): An Innovative Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Identity (Paperback)

Who Is My God? (2nd Edition): An Innovative Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Identity Cover Image
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The Innovative Guide to Spiritual Self-Discovery

Your Spiritual Identity is an undeniable part of who you arewhether youve thought much about it or not, and whether you consider yourself religious or not. Spirituality is not just about what you believe or dont believe, its about how you believehow you approach the ultimate questions and mystery of life, and what you think those questions are.

Who Is My God? is a tool for discovering and exploring your own unique spirituality. You can take the Spiritual Identity Self-Test to find out how:

  • Your Spiritual Type (how you believe)
  • Your Tradition Indicator (what you believe)
  • Your Spiritual Identity

And, when you learn more about your Spiritual Identity from the results of the self-test, you can continue your own spiritual search by using the descriptions of twenty-eight different spiritual traditions followed in America todayfrom Buddhism to Roman Catholicism, from Sufism to New Consciousness. For each of them, there are People You Should Know who are representative of that tradition, specific suggestions for further exploration, and contact information. Here is a guide to help you walk the path that is your way.

Attention: Spiritual directors, professional counselors, and clergy of all faiths and denominations. Who Is My God? is a proven resource for beginning spirituality conversations, suitable for a variety of settings. An ability to discuss religionyour religious background and beliefsis essential for psychological, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781594730146
ISBN-10: 1594730148
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing
Publication Date: March 1st, 2004
Pages: 160
Language: English