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With A Woman's Voice: A Writer's Struggle for Emotional Freedom (Hardcover)

With A Woman's Voice: A Writer's Struggle for Emotional Freedom By Lucy Daniels Cover Image
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Having written a bestselling book at 22, survived a harrowing battle with anorexia nervosa, and pursued a successful career as a clinical psychologist, Lucy Daniels has led a remarkable life. In With a Woman's Voice: A Writer's Struggle for Emotional Freedom, her first book in 40 years, Daniels shares the experience of overcoming emotional hardships and gaining valuable insights from them, through psychoanalysis, that has enabled her to help others. With a Woman's Voice is Daniels' memoir of the struggles she faces as a writer and a doctor of psychology, struggles that began at a very young age and continued long after the success of her two novels. As the child of a wealthy newspaper family, Daniels was emotionally deprived by her demanding parents and plagued by her own feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. Sent to a mental hospital for treatment of her anorexia, she spent years enduring brutal regimens of electroshock therapy, insulin injections, and force-feedings. It was during this time that she wrote Caleb, My Son. Caleb, My Son became a national bestseller, earning accolades for its portrayal of racial and generational conflict in the South of the 50s. Her second book, High on a Hill, was a fictional account of the time she spent in the hospital. Her novels won her a Guggenheim fellowship and extensive praise. After this early success, Daniels succumbed to writer's block that lasted several decades. She tells in her memoir of her decision to examine and resolve her problems, leading her to seek psychoanalytic treatment while pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology. After years of examining her difficulties and learning how they could be treated, she created a foundation that helps artists overcome emotional disorders and gain creative insight from both self-examination and psychotherapy. With a Woman's Voice recalls these achievements, and the difficult years that led up to them, with insight, humor, and wisdom. Daniels provides a moving account of.

About the Author

Lucy Daniels is a writer and clinical psychologist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is the founder of the Lucy Daniels Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering emotional and creative freedom through education, outreach, research, and psychoanalytic treatment; and the Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood, a preschool program that uses psychoanalytic principles to promote the emotional development of young children and their parents.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781568332505
ISBN-10: 1568332505
Publisher: Madison Books
Publication Date: November 29th, 2001
Pages: 352
Language: English