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Modern Death: How Medicine Changed the End of Life (MP3 CD)

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Modern Death: How Medicine Changed the End of Life Cover Image
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This is a fascinating history of death, how it happens and how the definition has changed over time. Warraich, a Duke physician, makes a compelling case for bringing the subject of death into our everyday conversation. The benefit is "resuscitating aspects of death we have lost. Death needs to be closer to home, preceded by lesser disability and less isolation."  We must all confront death; Dr. Warraich offers insights that will allow us to make this more natural and less frightening.

— Rene


There is no more universal truth in life than death. No matter who you are, it is certain that one day you will die, but the mechanics and understanding of that experience will differ greatly in today's modern age. Dr. Haider Warraich is a young and brilliant new voice in the conversation about death and dying started by Dr. Sherwin Nuland and Atul Gawande. Dr. Warraich takes a broader look at how we die today, from the cellular level up to the very definition of death itself.

The most basic aspects of dying - the whys, wheres, whens, and hows - are almost nothing like what they were mere decades ago. Beyond its ecology, epidemiology, and economics, the very ethos of death has changed. Modern Death, Dr. Warraich's debut book, will explore the rituals and language of dying that have developed in the last century, and how modern technology has not only changed the hows, whens, and wheres of death, but the what of death.

Delving into the vast body of research on the evolving nature of death, Modern Death will provide listeners with an enriched understanding of how death differs from the past, what our ancestors got right, and how trends and events have transformed this most final of human experiences.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781543602432
ISBN-10: 1543602436
Publisher: Audible Studios on Brilliance
Publication Date: May 16th, 2017
Language: English