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Suddenly (Paperback)

Suddenly Cover Image
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Popular cheerleader, Jamie Edwards' world is turned upside down when she develops a crush on bad girl, P. J. Thomas. Jamie doesn't know what to think when seeing P. J. working at McDonald's suddenly makes her heart start fluttering. Jamie has gone to school with P. J. for several years and never felt anything like this for her before. She has never had these feelings for any girl, and she's terrified by what they might mean. Even though Jamie has known of P. J., she knows little about her, other than the fact that she has run with a pretty rough crowd for the past few years and been in a lot of trouble. But something is pulling her toward P. J., and it won't go away. The more Jamie sees P. J. in the halls at school, the more she wants to see her, but she's not sure if the barrier between their two worlds can be broken. Some of the other people in Jamie's life are not happy about the budding relationship between the two young women, including Jamie's ex-boyfriend, Todd; the leader of Jamie's cheerleading squad, Diane; and Jamie's controlling mother, Jennifer. Will they be strong enough to withstand the fallout when everyone finds out about their relationship? Who will come to their aid to help them stay together, hopefully forever?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781533589156
ISBN-10: 1533589151
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2016
Pages: 388
Language: English