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Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought (Paperback)

Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought By Kawaljeet, Ramendra Cover Image
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"The publication of the e-book 'Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought', writtern by Dr. Ramendra in collaboration with Dr. Kawaljeet, marks an important step in the development of Humanist literature in India. Various strands of Humanist thinking have been presented with clarity, and analysed from a Rationalist/Atheistic perspective. This book is an excellent introduction to the subject for those who are not already in the Humanist fraternity. To Humanists it provides excellent background material for further study and discussion." Humanist Outlook, New Delhi, India.

About the Author

Dr. Ramendra (full name "Ramendra Nath") is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Patna University, India, where he has been teaching for thirty three years. He is a double gold medalist and double research degree holder from Patna University. His Ph.D. was on "The Ethical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell" and his D.Litt. was on "M.N.Roy's New Humanism and Materialism". Both these works have been published as books Dr. Ramendra is the author of more than thirty books and booklets in Hindi and English, including Why I am Not a Hindu, Is God Dead?, The Myth of Unity of all Religions and Some Reflections on Ethics. Besides, he has written hundreds of articles in newspapers, magazines and journals, including international journals.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781518642272
ISBN-10: 1518642276
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2016
Pages: 320
Language: English

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