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How Not to Get Lost in Concepts (Large Print / Paperback)

How Not to Get Lost in Concepts By Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Vasistha Cover Image
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A mistake made by almost everyone who studies the Direct Path Teachings is that instead of using the teachings as practice instructions they become lost in spiritual concepts. Most of those people never correct that mistake and at the end of their physical life they are still lost in a maze of concepts without having realized the True Self. A journey that never goes beyond thought is not a journey to Self Realization. In this book Seven Sages teach how to avoid getting lost in concepts. The type is Palatino 16 for crisp clear easy reading. This book contains all of the quotes in Chapter (Step) One from the book The Seven Steps to Awakening. How Not to Get Lost in Concepts is book Six in the Self Realization Series. One purpose of the Self Realization Series is to put just one category of quotes into a small book that has the advantage of making it easier to focus, meditate on, grasp and have insight into just one subject at a time. That makes the approach simple, easier and less complicated. The idea is to stay focused on just one subject until you have received everything you need to receive from that one subject. Most people go on to the next subject without ever having learned to apply to their lives the subject they are studying now. The Self Realization series of books are portable practice manuals aimed at helping sincere seekers of Self Realization master one Key to Self Realization at a time. The six titles in the Self Realization Series are: 1. Self Awareness Practice Instructions. 2. The Desire for Liberation. 3. The False self. 4. Inspiration and Encouragement on the Path to Self Realization. 5. Everything is an Illusion. 6. How Not to Get Lost in Concepts.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780982965115
ISBN-10: 0982965117
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Freedom Religion Press
Publication Date: November 27th, 2011
Pages: 82
Language: English

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