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Moonlight Miracle (Hardcover)

Moonlight Miracle By Tony Magliano Cover Image


A world circled by love How do you show very young children that we are all connected by the love of God? This complex idea is explained in easy-to-understand terms in this quiet, graceful picture book. The book begins simply by describing the moon as nature's friend, helping to push tides; guide turtles, salmon, and moths; and bathe the world in light. Then the book reveals a secret about the moon: that it can help create a miracle. If every child cupped his or her hands on a moonlit night and held a moonbeam, the world would be linked together by children holding onto the same light. Then they would understand that we are all brothers and sisters in one human family. Moonlight Miracle works on many different levels of meaning. The book fosters tolerance without being preachy, hints at the similarities and differences between people, and dramatically demonstrates the equalizing power of God's love. The book also suggests principles of ecology and interdependence and is a way to help even the littlest ones make connections between science and religion. Fun, full-color illustrations underscore the gentle message. Appropriate for all children ages two to seven, this title is for a very wide audience, including public and parochial schools, grade-school science classes, public libraries, religious and secular daycare centers, gift stores, museum gift shops, and all parents, grandparents, and gift buyers. It's also a loving book to use in parochial-school religion classes, CCD classes, and Sunday schools. Special-interest groups on diversity and tolerance will find it a unique resource. +

Product Details
ISBN: 9780809166763
ISBN-10: 0809166763
Publisher: Paulist Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2001
Pages: 32
Language: English

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