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Crown of Shadows (Paperback)

Crown of Shadows By Keri Arthur Cover Image
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Never mess with the relics of the old gods... or the pixies who once guarded them.

After her mom's disappearance six months ago, Bethany Aodh n has been running their tavern in old Deva-something her family had been doing ever since a light-fingered pixie lost them the job of guarding the treasures of the old gods eons ago.

Then her brother, Lugh, is attacked, his best friend murdered, and the tavern firebombed. A confrontation with a former lover leads to the discovery of another murder and a missing jewel from a godly relic, and Beth learns that the adrom Hoard-one of three godly hoards now guarded by the elves-has been stolen.

But this is no ordinary theft. Darker forces are at work, and they're not only seeking the means to resurrect a god of destruction but the power to forever banish daylight. That power lay with Agrona's Claws-three godly artifacts that, when used together, give the user full control over night itself.

With the webs of suspicion drawing ever tighter around them, Beth & Lugh-with the help of two sexy elves and a cantankerous old goddess who knows far more than she admits-race to find the missing artifacts before those intent on unleashing chaos.

It's a race they must win, because it's not just their lives on the line, but the fate of modern-day England.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780645303100
ISBN-10: 0645303100
Publisher: Ka Publishing Pty Ltd
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Pages: 332
Language: English