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Kady of Quid (Paperback)

Kady of Quid By K. Hutson Warrington Cover Image
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"Don't tell me faeries, elves and dragons don't exist," Five-year old Kady insists again and again to her parents, Rachel and Richard Dowd. And Kady's parents know she is right. As the years pass, they see the small creature darting beneath the dryer. They also see the giant's shadow outside the windows.

It's a mystery that grows with each year. Rachel Dowd has found something even more frightening than glowing eyes from deep within the shrubs. She's found a letter, one that may involve her daughter. Could the letter folded in her coat pocket be true? If so, Kady must fulfill a destiny far beyond anyone's wildest fantasy and imagination. Does she dare? Now, 15-year old Kady must decide. Stay safe at home, in Maine or go to a place told of only in faerie tales. A place filled with spriggans and phookas, dwarves and dragons. In Quid, the bonds of old friendships are tested only to become stronger. New friendships are formed. And the connection of family grows even deeper. In Quid, Kady gains the confidence to believe in herself, in the courage of others and the acceptance of those unlike herself.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578954943
ISBN-10: 057895494X
Publisher: Tup Wordsmiths
Publication Date: September 1st, 2021
Pages: 358
Language: English

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