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Unearthed (Paperback)

Unearthed Cover Image
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"Sam Miro PhD is on a roll. Newly promoted and named as 'Young Researcher of the Year' it seems his passion for science and his commitment to the environment are finally paying off. That is until he becomes embroiled in a political conspiracy to unseat the government through an act of deliberate environmental sabotage. The situation spirals out of control and as Sam is hunted down he has to draw on all his skill and resourcefulness to avert a human health disaster. Making good use of scientific fact in a fictional setting, Unearthed has been variously described as 'a great read', 'fast paced' and 'a real page turner'. Thrillers, let alone eco-thrillers set in New Zealand, are few and far between so this thought provoking new novel has much to recommend it.

About the Author

Steve's day job is as a biomedical scientist researching biopharmaceutical and nutritional approaches for optimising health. His main focus is in translating academic science into products and services that are useful and make a difference. He is also interested in finding new and exciting ways to communicate the complex role science plays in modern society. Although Steve has over 180 science publications, Unearthed is his first work of fiction. He is married with two adult daughters. On his days off he likes to get out on his sports motorcycle and enjoys a beer with his friends.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780473290450
ISBN-10: 0473290456
Publisher: Orb Publishing Limited
Publication Date: January 4th, 2015
Pages: 330
Language: English